"She's like a part of me I can't let go."



AEON: Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong

free to use, this is my little gift to repay my patient followers. while i am calling them iPhone backgrounds, they should work for most large background phones. i will be putting out more w/ different characters as i go. i’d appreciate a like/reblog if you are going to use any of them. <3


adasbooty asked: shit girl your clarity video is perfect i'm literally in tears aeon's love is real and this songs describes it so well it just hits you in the feels ugh ;w;

Thanks~I glad you like it~~^^

Anonymous asked: hello, do you have asia airport artwork? could you post them here? I miss the old Aeon work by asia airport. I don't mean to do anything with her/his artwork just want to set it as my wallpaper I collect so many Aeon arts, because I really like to see them. I think asia airport arts are really good, so if you have them and upload them here it must be nice, thank you.

Sure thing,I give you the link of her/his pixiv account,there have many of  her/his old artworks




Artist:Zed(Feat. Foxes)

My new Leon/Ada video~


[SPECIAL] Resident Evil Pairings!

Leon x Ada
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