Anonymous asked: Did clair see leon and ada kissing eachother in re2?? thank you .

No,unlike DSC,Claire isn’t there in RE2.



i finished re4 for the 20th (probably) time so have a doodle huhu

"It's strange, I barely know you, but I knew you'd say that." 
Anonymous asked: What is your favorite moment in resident evil parts?? you draw this picture? its nice.

Actually I have many favourite RE moments,and most of them are leon/ada scene(of courseXD)

Oh?Which picture did you mention? 

Anonymous asked: What kind of sort contact about ada and leon shit i need to know what is that night :'(

You’re not the only one;w;

Anonymous asked: Hi I'am christain rember me?? i love Aeon more than any i want a new picture about them

Hi~glad to see you again^__^

Yup,I really hope we can see something new about them soonTT

piquedram asked: I have a question... In Damnation, when Ada spoke to Leon about "carry on from what we left off that night", is she referring to the the event of RE4 or sometime after that? Is there any canon thing says that they've met after RE4? Thank you!

There’s don’t have any proof that show what “that night” Ada refer to,but according to Shotaro Suga’s interview,the scriptwriter of the movie,he said they might have had some sort of contact after re4,and maybe have a romantic night.

They want to do more about their love story but sadly Capcom stop them maybe because of RE6 game’s plot.